People Power
At ‘It takes…7 seconds Ltd’ we believe strongly that people are in fact organisational assets, and how management empowers people will make a huge impact on the organisational bottom line.

Every organisation has an invisible force operating within its walls. This force is contained within the people who work there. This force works for you, or against you, depending on the people.
Wouldn’t it wonderful to get the force working FOR the organisation rather than against it? It is possible. At ‘It takes…7 seconds Ltd’ we have the systems to help people to grow to their full potential, and to get that potential working FOR rather than against the organisation.

People Power is experiential training and is delivered over a time-phased period to ensure that the concepts are not only received by the participants, but also utilised for maximum effect.

The training is delivered over a twelve week period, and requires the participants to set objectives from one week to the next.

The fact that the tasks have been conceived by the participants themselves adds to their determination to action them to bring about the desired results.

The growth that participants demonstrate through the process is nothing short of staggering.If you’d like to know more about People Power, then contact us and we’ll be delighted to meet with you to describe some of the benefits your organisation will enjoy.