Presentation Power
It is a psychologically accepted 'fact' that people form first impressions very quickly indeed. In fact, it is widely accepted that first impressions are formed within 7 seconds of meeting someone. It is also widely accepted, that we rarely have a second chance to create a good first impression.

Under circumstances like those wouldn’t it be great to know that you’ve got a system that helps you form not just good, but Great first impressions every time.
At ‘It takes…7 seconds Ltd’ our mission is to help people to be aware of this ‘time slice’ and to take advantage of it beneficially every single time. We help companies and individuals to be aware that they are ‘on show’ all day, every day. People are watching us - all the time. We are judged [by someone] in every waking moment – and it is in our power to make positive impressions every time.

Presentation Power is about us taking control of every situation in which we have the opportunity to present ourselves, our companies or our products.

At ‘It takes…7 seconds Ltd’ we believe that great, compelling presentations are not so much a process of preparation as they are a process of organisation.

In a nutshell, we believe that all you need to say, you already know. The best presentations are the ones that come from deep within you.

We show you how to make the connection to that part deep inside of you that needs and wants to be heard.

Whenever you’re presenting, whether it is for business, or pleasure, an interview or even romantically – your primary objective should be “Be Seen, Be Heard and Above All - BE REMEMBERED”

Go on - it’ll take you 7 seconds to make that decision to be a truly great speaker.

Once you have taken the step to make that decision; then we can deliver to your heart the power you need within ¾ of a day. Yes, that’s all it will take to reach that potential oratory power.