Sales Science
If we look around us, we will find that there is a proliferation of Networking Opportunities everywhere. We’re all familiar with the networking – and we visit many of them.

Networking events are valuable in helping is to create valuable contacts with whom we can conduct long term and meaningful business.
But, if we stop to ask ourselves why it is that we visit so many networking – we may find that at least at some level, we may fear the selling process. In truth though, economically, nothing actually happens until someone sells something.

Selling is like building a house! Building a house requires a thorough preparatory process. The better the foundations the steadier the house will ultimately be.

So it is with sales, the more thorough the preparation we undertake ahead of the actual sales interview, the greater our chance of success, and more importantly, the better our customers’ will feel about doing business with us.

At ‘It takes…7 seconds Ltd’ we train sales people to have a thorough understanding of the entire sales process from the very beginning - which brings about more natural and easier sales.

We help sales people not to fear the sales process, but to embrace it and use it powerfully to gain natural win-win conditions all around.

We train sales people to understand that selling is no different from any other organisational activity and that remaining relaxed and calm is the best way to bring about beneficial results for all the parties involved in a transaction.

Put Sales Science to the test and see for yourself what will happen to your sales. Please be warned however, that when your sales people train in this program, you’d better be ready for some dramatic results.