Smoke Quitters
SmokeQuitters is one of the most effective and powerful smoke cessation programs available anywhere. Did you know that we learn how to smoke – and so we can unlearn how to smoke? Smoking is much more than a simple addiction as many people will have us believe.

Smokers are subject not only to the addiction to the drug Nicotine, but also to many other chemicals that the tobacco companies treat their products with to ‘flavour’ them.
The processes that tobacco goes through to be processed as cigarettes are far too numerous to mention here, but suffice it to say that every lit cigarette exposes the smoker, and others in the proximity to no fewer than 4,700 different gases, poisons or chemicals.

In addition to that, there are also the emotional and psychological connections to cigarettes.

SmokeQuitters addresses all the aspects of smoking simultaneously so that when we reach the ‘cut off’ date, we are as prepared as we are ever going to be to deal with it.

In fact, our process has helped many thousands of people to put paid to their formerly “Impossible-to-beat” habit.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it, please browse some of the testimonials we have received from successful ‘presently non-smokers’. In fact, our clients are so happy with the results that they have experienced that in many instances they’d be happy to speak with you and tell you about their experiences first hand.

The program is phased over 6 weeks. The actual smoke cessation runs through four weeks and the remaining two weeks are additional support weeks offered by our moderators.

We do not ask our clients to use any artificial methods to help them deal with smoking. What we mean by this is, we will not ask you to wear patches, nor will we ask you to chew gum.

There is no hypnosis involved. This is purely a journey of discovery that allows the individual to expose all the lies that he/she once held about cigarettes.

Please contact us and we will be happy to give you much more information about how our program works.